Visit CubeSensors at the Future of Home Living exhibition in New York

by Alja Isakovic

Can’t wait to meet our Cubes in person? Living or traveling in New York in the next month? We’ve got good news! New York’s PSFK is showcasing over 70 products and services in a 4,500 square foot gallery as part of their Future of Home Living report. The report, now available online, identifies the major themes and ideas that will be shaping the homes of tomorrow. And we are delighted to have CubeSensors among the showcased products.

The Future of Home Living exhibition in New York by PSFK

The Future of Home Living exhibition, styled as an interactive apartment, is free to visit with an RSVP at 101 West 15th Street in New York from July 23rd to August 15th. The Cubes we sent over for the exhibition are still prototypes, but you will be able to play with the latest beta version of our companion app to check the environment at the exhibition.

If you do visit our prototype Cubes at the exhibition, please do take a photo, post it online or send us an email with more feedback. As much as we would love to visit the exhibition ourselves, we’re letting the Cubes have all the fun in New York this time. As you might imagine, we’re still busy making sure the final version looks and performs even better, and is ready to be shipped to your real homes before the end of summer.