CubeSensors Sleep is now available as a free update

by Alja Isakovic

Do you want to see how your bedroom environment affected your sleep last night? Was it too hot or noisy, was the air too dry, the moon too bright? There’s no need to install special equipment on your bed to get the answers. CubeSensors Sleep lets you discover why you slept poorly by combining sleep data from your existing tracker with environmental data from the bedroom Cube on your night stand.

Understand your sleep data better with CubeSensors

Start exploring WHY you slept poorly 

CubeSensors Sleep is now available as a free update in your CubeSensors web app. To enable the Sleep screen and see what was going on in your bedroom while you were asleep, just link a Fitbit tracker or an UP bracelet from Jawbone to your CubeSensors account. By doing that, you’ll know how your bedroom’s temperature, humidity, air quality, light and noise affected your sleep pattern.

CubeSensors app with Jawbone sleep data charts and settings

You can link your sleep tracker from the Sleep section on the new Settings screen in your web app and select the Cube that monitors your bedroom. You can remove the tracker or change the bedroom Cube any time from the Settings screen.

We’re starting by supporting Fitbit and Jawbone sleep data, but please send us a tweet, message or email if you’d like to see other trackers added in future updates. And if you’ll be enabling CubeSensors Sleep tonight, we can’t wait to hear your stories about what you discover in your bedroom!

If you don’t have Cubes around your home yet or want to add extra ones to your bedrooms, you can still order a CubeSensors pack or additional Cubes from our website. We are shipping the Cubes from stock, usually the next business day after you place your order.