Our packaging gets a spring refresh

by Alja Isakovic

Until now, we’ve been shipping our Cubes in a universal cube-shaped box with minor differences among packs of different sizes. While this universal box has served us well, it didn’t fit all packs and parts nicely. To reduce waste and improve the unboxing experience, we decided to do a little spring update and expand our packaging family with a more spacious box for the Large pack with 6 Cubes, and an incredibly cute smaller box that can be used to ship additional Cubes or Base stations along with their cables.

If you’d like to expand your CubeSensors network at home or at the office, you can now order a single Cube or Base directly from our website and they will be shipped in our updated packaging.

CubeSensors packaging

For a first look of our new packaging, we used our office garden and a wonderful sunny spring day to take a family photo of the new boxes and the Cubes each box can accommodate.

As before, all our packaging is made out of recyclable cardboard. Inside, you’ll also find cable boxes that can easily be reused for storage, while cats of all sizes will appreciate the cozy shipping box that provides extra protection for your pack of Cubes during its short journey to your doorstep.